In a terrific twist of fate, Carin Luna-Ostaseski came to love Whisky through…a break-up. When her relationship ended, she found herself every Friday after work at her local Whisky shop, choosing to spend her “couples-counseling money” on a few really nice bottles of Scotch Whisky instead. By the year’s end, she had almost 300 bottles, and was cured!

She became a student of Whisky and hosted tasting events for many years. Carin soon discovered people were ready for a new whisky, one that would change the way people think about Scotch. A whisky that is affordable, accessible and absolutely delicious, and SIA Scotch was born.

Along the way, Carin received tremendous support and believes in giving back. SIA Scotch’s brand commitment is one percent of sales to charities that help women start and grow their businesses.